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Brooklyn-based digital creator and producer Johnny Shankman, best known as White Lights, is not exempt from the hardships of the human experience. For him the pursuit of happiness begins with creation and has no finite end.

Borrowing from the musical meditations of artists by the likes of Kid Cudi, Joji, and Deb Never -- White Lights' sound fits in effortlessly with the anti-pop pioneers. Due to wasting away his youth in front of a CRT TV playing video games and surfing the early web, visual artworks coded by White Lights serve as a comfortable glitch-filled cradle for the extremely-online and moderately gothic.

White Lights officially began with the release of his first EP Ethers in 2012, followed by Dual-Brained¹ in 2014 and its companion Studio EP Dual-Brained² in 2016. During downtime WL would serve as a VJ to artists and friends around NYC (Cafuné, Birocratic, Oxymorrons, AstroJax) and deploy audiovisual WebGL experiences to his website as promotion for his singles. NUMBSKULL would arrive in late 2021 amidst the COVID pandemic as his first full-length Studio Album to much critical success from outlets like EARMILK, Output (VST Manufacturers), and Nakid Magazine.

With 2 million streams across his discography, 10 years of computer generated visual art experience in his pocket, and a built up resentment for predatory music industry standards, WL took the dive and switched to full time on-chain cryptoartist in late 2021. Since then he has become a pillar of the on-chain cryptoart and generative art genres. Most recently in 2023, the patron indecision.eth won White Lights' latest 1/1 artwork "QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT" at auction for an all time high of 0.70728ETH ($1105.96 USD) after 7 bids on the piece, and his work "A GIFT FOR YOU #1" sold for on the secondary market for an all time high of 1ETH ($1564.51 USD).

Previously a computer scientist by trade, his visual work is entirely code driven with an emphasis on gothic and glitch inspired 3D renders. The mission is to bring a new level of relatability and expression to the modern audiovisual and computer-generated artforms stigmatically referred to as dry and lifeless by many.