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Brooklyn-based producer and digital creator Johnny Shankman is not exempt from the hardships of the human experience. Best known as White Lights, his pursuit of happiness begins with creation and has no finite end. His artistic mantra traverses across a plane of inspiration and human connection. Borrowing from the musical meditations from artists by the likes of Kid Cudi, Joji, and Deb Never -- White Lights’ sound fits in effortlessly with the anti-pop pioneers.

With over 1.5 million streams across his discography, the genre-bending musician capitalizes on his recent triumphs with his debut album NUMBSKULL. In 2014 White Lights released his first EP Dual-Brained¹ followed in 2016 by its companion EP Dual-Brained². He's also released collaborations with Raveena and Abby Diamond in recent years.

Previously a computer scientist by trade, his visual work is entirely digital with an emphasis on abstract 3D imagery and procedural generation. His gothic and glitch inspired experiences attempt to bring a new level of relatability and expression to the modern audiovisual art form.